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Sisters of St Francis organize back-to-school supplies for

families supported by Mothers & Children in Crisis

(Syracuse, August 19) — The Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities will organize back-to-school supplies and clothing for children whose families are enrolled in one of Onondaga County’s problem-solving Courts. Sisters will have an assembly line for sorting clothing and school supplies at their Liverpool residence in preparation for Mothers & Children in Crisis distributing the items to families they serve.

No residential treatment center in Onondaga County allows single women to bring their children to the treatment facility. The closest one is 100 miles away.

 Without a residential treatment center in Onondaga County, mothers are forced to place children in an overburdened foster care system or with a family member.


Research shows:

  • Residential treatment centers provide a supportive recovery environment, leading to long-term recovery, a healthy lifestyle and positive parenting

  • Allowing children to remain with their parents continues the mother-child bonding process

  • Children in foster care are more likely to become victims of human trafficking

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