We are a not for profit organization comprised of representatives from a broad range of community stakeholders who intend to see a residential substance abuse treatment center for women and their minor children opened in Onondaga County. The residential center will provide a safe and supportive environment for the women and their dependent children.


Currently, there are no residential treatment centers in Onondaga County that allow women to bring their minor children with them to the treatment facility. There are several facilities of this type located in New York State, however, the closest one to Syracuse is approximately 100 miles away. The need for this type of housing in this county cannot be overstressed. Onondaga County has one of the highest rates for newborns with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. If a mother in this county is in need of residential treatment, she is often forced to either place the children in foster care or with a family member. This inhibits mother-child bonding and also inhibits the women from learning and practicing better parenting skills.


There is evidence that residential treatment centers that treat mothers and their dependent children are effective. The family housing facility would provide an opportunity to keep families intact while providing additional opportunities for treatment options and education; helping these families achieve successful socialization. This facility would be based on a kinship model and would take an interdisciplinary approach to health disparities; providing unique partnerships with the justice system and collaborating community organizations. We plan to follow a model similar to Serenity Place in Greenville, South Carolina and/or the Light House in Buffalo NY .

We believe in our VISION! Our vision is to have a safe, effective treatment center, where mothers can receive in-patient treatment to recover from drug use, learn how to build her own safe support system in her community, learn how to be a better parent with supportive staff and provide a safe place for her and her children to live during her treatment.


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Our Mission

Mothers and Children in Crisis, Inc. has the simple goal for mothers to take care of their children.  For some mothers, this requires a safe place to live while receiving intensive substance abuse treatment and a safe environment for infants and young children, to grow and learn in a warm home.

Mom and a Child
Building Homes

Our Vision

Currently, there are no in-patient substance abuse treatment facilities in Onondaga County where women can live with their children while receiving intensive in-patient substance abuse treatment. Several other counties in the state have such facilities and are successful.  Our vision is to provide these services to our community.

We Believe

There is dignity in all human beings. All people deserve a chance to improve their lives and the lives of their family members. Substance abuse is a family crisis as well as a community crisis. Quality medical care and substance abuse treatment are crucial to an individual’s success if they have a history of substance abuse. Education and job training are fundamental for establishing autonomy for all individuals.

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